Active Shooter Graduate in Hospital Lockdown

Janet Graden was at St. Joseph’s Women’s Hospital in Tampa, FL waiting for the birth of her Grandson, when the hospital went on full lockdown. Graden is a COBRA-Defense graduate and instructor. Active-Shooter Response Training is part of the COBRA program. Here is the text exchange with her husband, also a COBRA Instructor. The lockdown ended after about 20-minutes. No reason was given for the lockdown.

My Wife:

The hospital is on lockdown!!!!

Can’t get an answer as to what is going on. I am in COBRA mode.


Holy cow. Look for exits

Cover and concealment

My Wife:

Yes I know.

I feel like a sitting duck in the lobby with all the doors. I am behind a big pole hiding. 

I don’t see any police though


Do you hear any gun shots?

My Wife:

No trust me I am on high alert

Very calm because I know what to do though. Weird

Staff just said they know very little but will let us know when they know

My Wife:

Looks like the threat is over. They are letting people in and out now.

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