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Looking for Active Shooter Defense Training? 

Our Active Shooter program is active with attendees participating in mock attacks and responses. This is NOT a powerpoint presentation. Team members must work together to stop the threat. We show them step by step how to work together and protect each other. It's an exciting shared adventure.

active shooter training

OSHA Requires Workplace Violence Training

OSHA can fine employers if reasonable steps to maintain a safe workplace are not taken.

One government agency sure to get involved if there is an active shooter situation in your workplace is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. OSHA may cite and fine employers for failing to provide workers with adequate safeguards against workplace violence.

3-Minute Active Shooter Seminar Highlights

Our Active Shooter Seminar is highly effective and exciting. It's also a great team builder and bonding experience.

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active shooter training

What is the COBRA-Defense Active Shooter Plan?

This program was created by a seasoned law enforcement officer with active shooter training.

We can tell you from experience that these killers will always exist. You cannot stop them. You cannot create laws to successfully keep them suppressed. They will find a gun, they will find soft targets, and they will do everything in their power to kill a large number of people. The C.O.B.R.A. Defense Active Shooter Response Training is designed to address this reality and to minimize the damage.

Not Just for School Shootings

Shootings can happen in many different locations, and they happen at random

You have no way of knowing in advance when or where this is going to happen. You may be sitting in church on Sunday, minding your own business, and have no idea that a psychopath is armed and is headed in your direction. The first indication you have that anything is wrong is when the gunman starts shooting. At the COBRA-DEFENSE Active Shooter Seminar, you will learn what to do at that moment.

active shooter training

ABC News Live Facebook Broadcast

We Will Teach You Much More than Run, Hide and Fight.

It seems simple enough. Run, Hide, Fight. The truth is that these three words are more of a government sound bite than a usable plan of action.

Of course you will run, but there are specific ways to run that can save your life. We'll show you 4 Tactical Ways to RUN.

Of course you will be looking for places to hide and we'll show you what to look for in a hiding spot and when to leave it. You'll learn 3 Strategic Methods to HIDE.

Fighting is foreign to most people. We'll show you how and when to attack the shooter for maximum safety. You'll learn 4 Smart Ways to FIGHT.

You'll even learn the correct way to play dead.

The Majority of Shootings Happen at a Workplace

Almost 70% of those shooters were NOT employees or former employees at the business they shot up.

Schools and churches are common locations of violent events, but active shootings at those locations occur at roughly half the rate of those in commercial businesses. COBRA-DEFENSE trains business organizations, health care facilities, cruise lines, schools, and churches year-round.

active shooter training

How Active Shooter Situations End

Knowing how to physically engage a shooter can make the difference 

Unarmed citizens ended a significant number (13%) of active shooter events.  Armed citizens and off duty cops ended far fewer (4%).  Shooters often choose locations where guns are prohibited.  The COBRA-DEENSE Active Shooter program teaches specific strategies that reduce the danger when physically attacking the shooter

active shooter training

Clients Include

active shooter training
active shooter training
active shooter training
active shooter training
active shooter training

ABC News Reporter, Nicole Grigg on COBRA's Active Shooter Training

I have heard countless stories of what to do if there’s an active shooter and I have reported on them. It’s the same story each and every time. However, today was different. Today, I really learned something. This a story that could truly save your life. – Nicole Grigg, ABC News TV on COBRA Active Shooter Segment

  • Excellent instruction, very informative, hands on, answers all questions, made me feel competent. THANK YOU!
    Ashley Harbidge ROYAL Caribbean
  • Wonderful, educational for real life training. Would love the class hosted for children.
    Amy Yanow, Superviser Crew Claims ROYAL Caribbean
  • Very informative, learned steps to take command of the situation or at least to be more aware.
    Billy ROYAL Caribbean
  • Learned this strategy in one day! Everyone should take this course.
    Paula ROYAL Caribbean
  • I would recommend this class to all my peers, family and friends.
    Roseanne Lombaro Verizon
  • This was a great experience for me as a single 29-year-old female. I work late nights and come home late.
    Karen Q Verizon
  • This seminar dispels myths regarding the effectiveness of normal weapons that don’t work in “real life” situations.
    Gaye Moore Verizon
  • This was one of the most informative and enlightening classes I have ever attended!
    Cacey Verizon
  • We couldn’t find a course that would be able to train our agency officers until we found COBRA After the training our officers were very impressed with the course and what they learned.
    U.S. Department Of Forestry

Active Shooter

Gunman Opens Fire At Bronx-Lebanon Hospital Center: 1 Victim Dead, 6 Wounded

Active shooter turns hospital into a war zone.


Police Chief: Hospital active shooter training likely saved lives

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